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Words from the Departed

New York’s Haunted History Trail comes alive through its resident ghosts By Will Siss Ghost hunters and skeptics alike can explore the Haunted History Trail of New York State, a collection of sites throughout New York with reported paranormal activity. From time to time, the spirits that occupy the trail find ways to make themselves… Read more

During the holiday season, baby dolls have long been a highly-requested gift from children. Most dolls bring a lot of love to their owners and into the household. Then there are some dolls…that give you the creeps. Here are some dolls we stumbled across throughout the 65 locations on the Haunted History Trail of New… Read more

Video: Haunted History Trail visits Casey’s Cottage

Walking up to Casey’s Cottage (1000 Islands-Seaway region/Oswego County), it doesn’t look like much on the outside. The moment you take a step into the house, it’s like entering a piece of art. Sitting on the Lake Ontario shoreline in Mexico Point State Park, Casey’s Cottage is such a charming place – you’ll easily fall… Read more

One of the most frequent paranormal sightings or encounters at Fort Ontario State Historic Site (1000 Islands-Seaway region/Oswego County) is that of a ghostly boy who is seen and heard crying, laughing and playing around the fortress. During a recent phone conversation with a staff person at Fort Ontario, I asked the question “have there… Read more

The architecture and interior design of the locations on the Haunted History Trail of New York State are as varied as the ghosts themselves. Each location exudes character, which is a big part of the experience in exploring the trail. Thanks to the work of Amity Photos, we’re going to be taking several photographic journeys… Read more

The Haunted History Trail of New York State has  several locations with backstories of significant American history. The Starr Clark Tin Shop and Underground Railroad Museum in Mexico, NY  (1000 Islands/Seaway – Oswego County) is one of New York State’s most well-documented locations on the Underground Railroad. Walking through the front doors into the authentic… Read more

Hudson Valley is one weird place!

I say this in an affectionate manner…Hudson Valley is one weird place! There are a variety of haunts and strangeness on the Haunted History Trail of New York, with the beautiful Hudson Valley region being no exception. The trail is packed with your traditional ghost stories. However, if you take an inspection of the Hudson… Read more

This past weekend, three Haunted History Trail of New York State locations were featured in articles by New York State daily newspapers. Wings Castle, Wayside Irish Pub and Dunkirk Historical Lighthouse & Veterans Park Museum all received some media love the past few days. In addition, journalist Connie Hum is currently touring the trail for… Read more

Haunted Day Trip (Central NY region/Madison County)

Here is a fun day trip that you can find in Madison County (Central NY region), which is essentially the middle of New York State. The amazing scenery and quaint feeling of this area makes it a very relaxing place to discover. In this neck of the woods there are two distinctly different Haunted History Trail… Read more

We have previously mentioned in this blog how we’re blown away by the Palmyra Museum & Williams Phelps General Store just steps away from the iconic Erie Canal in Palmyra, NY (Finger Lakes region/Wayne County). The museum’s massive collection is spread throughout a group of canal-era buildings that played a vital role in Palmyra being named “Queen of Erie Canal… Read more

Fort Ontario State Historic Site in Oswego, NY has stood the test of time. The fort has a pretty wild back history that touches on every century, including before the Revolutionary War.  Since it was built in 1755 by the British, Fort Ontario has been burnt down three different times by the French, American revolutionaries, and then… Read more

A visit to enchanting Naples, New York

Last week I was lucky enough to make an early morning trek to the beautiful town of Naples, NY (Finger Lakes Region/Ontario County). WENY-TV from Elmira was in town filming a story on the Haunted History Trail of New York State and The Naples Hotel. Innkeeper Dominick Gallo and myself were interviewed for the story… Read more

Video: the haunted Wayside Irish Pub in Elbridge, NY

Just outside of Syracuse in Elbridge, NY resides a wonderful gathering spot called Wayside Irish Pub. It has long been a restaurant and pub where the locals congregate. The draw of togetherness is so strong, apparently a few ghosts don’t want to leave. We recently visited Wayside Irish Pub where employees have no doubt the… Read more

In early May, my journeys took me up to northern New York to the beautiful Seaway Trail/Thousand Island region. I met up with Cam Hoffberg, owner of Thousand Islands Ghost Tours on a warm, sunny morning in Alexandria Bay. Ghost tours are a wonderful thing. By participating in a ghost walk in any given city,… Read more

The mighty Niagara’s haunted Rapids Theatre

One of the great things about working for the Haunted History Trail of New York State is the interesting history you learn and places you get to visit. I have wanted to visit the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls ever since 2011 after watching a wild episode on “Ghost Hunters.” Lets just say, the show was so intense that it was voted… Read more

A twisting and winding road outside of Syracuse (Onondaga County) has captured the imagination of New Yorkers for decades. The forest road features 13 curves through a narrow valley, which apparently was the cause of a car crash that killed a bride many years ago. The lady in white has been seen so many times that many… Read more

There are all sorts of exciting things happening regarding the Haunted History Trail of New York State. Here are two items of interest that we’d love to share with you. First, we have added some new locations to the trail. We can’t wait any longer, so we’re going to spill the beans on one of… Read more

Video of a recent visit to the beautiful Brae Loch Inn

The Brae Loch Inn (Central NY/Madison County) in picturesque Cazenovia, NY is a beautiful, intriguing building in the middle of town. It truly feels like you’re in a Scottish inn upon walking through the doors. We received a wonderful tour by owner Valerie Barr, who was kind enough to tell us some stories. The interior design feature… Read more

The construction of the Erie Canal is viewed by many as one of the pivotal events in United States’ history. The 500+ mile canal connected the East Coast and Atlantic Ocean to middle America – creating an explosive growth in the country. In downtown Syracuse (Finger Lakes region/Onondaga County), the Erie Canal Museum is a… Read more

A Fascinating Visit to The Museums of Historic Palmyra

Last week, Kelly Rapone (Haunted History Trail of New York State founder/Genesee County) and I visited The Museums of Historic Palmyra (Finger Lakes region/Wayne County). We were hosted by Christine Worth (Wayne County) and the museum’s charismatic executive director Bonnie Hays. It was an absolutely jawdropping experience to examine the depth of this museum’s collection. The authentic… Read more

Video of recent visit to The Winery at Marjim Manor

The Winery at Marjim Manor (Greater Niagara Region) has “that feeling.” It’s quiet out there in Appleton, NY. Miles of fruit tree groves and Lake Ontario make it a desolate place. A perfect setting to grow apples, and for ghostly intrigued. If something spooky happens out here, your neighbors live too far away to hear your… Read more

Ghost Hunters TV show was here!

On Wednesday night, the SyFy Channel will air the season premier of “Ghost Hunters” 10th season. The impact that “Ghost Hunters” had on the paranormal  world is staggering. The show has spawn or inspired numerous other paranormal TV shows. It inspired people to form ghost-hunting groups in communities across the country. The TV show also took an inquisitive… Read more

Video of a recent visit to Van Horn Mansion

Every Sunday afternoon from April to December the Van Horn Mansion (Greater Niagara/Niagara County), the Newfane Historical Society offers $5 tours of the historical mansion and its ghostly past. Once on the verge of being knocked down, the restored mansion serves as a museum and events space. Throughout the rooms you find examples of life… Read more

A few additional photos from Dunkirk Lighthouse

By Doug Sitler, Haunted History Trail of New York State I recently had the wonderful pleasure of visiting the Dunkirk Lighthouse (Chautauqua/Allegheny region/Chautauqua County) high above the shores of Lake Erie in the city of Dunkirk. As part of our visit, we made an informative video with lighthouse volunteer and good guy, Dave Briska. I also… Read more

By Doug Sitler (Haunted History Trail of New York State) – A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Dunkirk Lighthouse in Dunkirk, NY (Chautauqua/Allegheny region). All I can say is “wow.” You’ll see in the video that this place has it all: amazing history, scenic beauty, cool tours and apparently a… Read more

The Pillars Estate (Greater Niagara region/Orleans County) received a little attention this week when an article appeared on several websites and news outlets about the haunted mansion being for sale. In an article titled “Pillars Estate: A Haunted Mansion in New York Could Scare Up Serious Cash” the Haunted History Trail of New York State… Read more

By Doug Sitler, Haunted History Trail of New York State There was no denying it. Every one of the 20 people in the room heard a cat’s “meow” coming from the hallway. The sound of the meow had the room reeling: there was no cat inside the Iron Island Museum last Friday night. Those in… Read more

Running into Brian Cano from Haunted Collector

Haunted History Trail of New York State director Kelly Rapone randomly ran into Brian Cano from the TV show “Haunted Collector” in New York City over the weekend. How cool is that?

  This past weekend representatives from the Haunted History Trail of New York State hosted at booth at North America’s largest consumer travel show – NY Times Travel Show. Susan Hawvermale, Director of Orange County Tourism and Doug Sitler, Haunted History Trail of New York State promoted the trail to an eager audience of travelers…. Read more

Hot of the presses. The 2015 Trail Guide!

  Have you seen the new 2015 Haunted History Trail of New York State brochure? It just got off the presses a few weeks ago and includes several new trail locations. The brochure features a statewide map, information on locations and much more. To request a 2015 brochure, visit here. The trail continues to grow,… Read more

Update! New Additions to the Trail

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends (and spirits, if you have them!) Since I last posted, we’ve added a bunch of new haunts AND we’re working on a brand-new brochure! If you’ve seen our original brochure, it’s pretty great. But we’ve grown so much, we needed… Read more

This trip was crazy! Three days, two nights, and visiting as many places as I did on the five-day trip!

Exploring the Hudson Valley this time, I brought my dad along. He’s a retired teacher and neither of us had ever really visited this area, so we were both excited to expand our knowledge of the state! I’d heard it was breathtakingly beautiful and was looking forward to everything but the drive 🙂

Our second overnight of the trip: the Batcheller Mansion Inn.

Built in 1873 by George Sherman Batcheller, the mansion has some extremely unique architecture—influences of High Victorian Eclecticism, combining French Renaissance Revival, Italianate, and Egyptian. The front doors (massive and ornate wood) welcomed us into the foyer and we were instantly astounded by the grandeur. We were to stay in Amelia’s room on the second floor.