Video: Hear some ghostly stories about Palmyra Museum & William Phelps General Store

We have previously mentioned in this blog how we’re blown away by the Palmyra Museum & Williams Phelps General Store just steps away from the iconic Erie Canal in Palmyra, NY (Finger Lakes region/Wayne County). The museum’s massive collection is spread throughout a group of canal-era buildings that played a vital role in Palmyra being named “Queen of Erie Canal Towns.” Equally impressive as the 25+ room collection, is the museum’s executive director, Bonnie Hays. Bonnie is a real spitfire and a top-notch ambassador to the Town of Palmyra. She has endless enthusiasm for the history of her town…as well as the spirit guests that make life interesting around the museums. Sometimes when you’re talking to Bonnie, you have to discern if the person she is speaking about is alive or past on to the spirit world. There’s one thing for sure (as you’ll see in the video), Bonnie is very much in tune with the spirits that roam Palmyra’s historic museums. Whether you stop in to see the seemingly endless collection or stay around at night for a ghost hunt – this place is worth the trip. You’ll be talking about it the whole car ride home.

Palmyra 088After your visit, take a short walk north (100 yards or so) down Market Street to the Erie Canal. There’s a nice walkway that takes you to the water’s edge. You’ll also find some nice benches and picnic tables next to the water, making it a perfect spot to relax for a few minutes. It also adds perspective to the location of the museum and the canal. During the summer months, there are often volunteers that overlook the canal’s docks. The volunteers greet boaters, help them get situated and distribute information about the town. How cool is that? Palmyra has that Main Street USA feel with shops and businesses lining both sides of the street. It’s like Bob Seger or John Cougar Mellencamp should be writing songs about this cozy small town. With this sort of hometown feel, wrapped with history – you can understand why the ghosts are quite comfortable in Palmyra!

Palmyra 089

Palmyra 090

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