Video: Fort Ontario’s ghosts appear at night…and in the day

Fort Ontario State Historic Site in Oswego, NY has stood the test of time. The fort has a pretty wild back history that touches on every century, including before the Revolutionary War.  Since it was built in 1755 by the British, Fort Ontario has been burnt down three different times by the French, American revolutionaries, and then the British. The fort was rebuilt in the Civil War-era. During World War II, the fort was used as a camp for over 900 Jewish refugees. For decades the fortress has long been a historical learning and experience destination for visitors.

On a recent rainy, foggy morning on the shores of Lake Ontario, Fort Ontario’s associate Caroline Lamie gave me an interesting tour of the place. Caroline is also a member of Central New York Ghost Hunters, so she is the perfect person to give you the lowdown on this place. What I found particularly interesting about the hauntings of Fort Ontario is that there are numerous ghostly happening that occur both day and night. You don’t hear a lot about daytime ghosts, but apparently they are spotted quite often inside the confines of the fort.  In fact, you’re free to ghost hunt the public areas during Fort Ontario’s day time operating hours. Caroline told me about her own experiences as we walked through the soldier’s quarters and up to the top of the wall .Another cool area to visit was the dungeon-like area, called the Casemates was fun to explore and photograph.

When you add the voluminous ghost stories to the long-standing American history of the fort, it’s an impressive combination.

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  1. The part of the dog avoiding one of the buildings piqued my interest a little bit…I know there’s another time where dogs and something in the fort didn’t mix.

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