Wayside Irish Pub

101 West Main Street
Elbridge, NY 13060
(315) 689-0040


The original building or “Munro House” was built in the 1800s.  Reports of ghostly activity at the location date back to at least the 1960s. While the building was closed after a second fire, a passerby looking in the windows saw a transparent woman in a long dress on the stairs. There have been numerous reports of the apparition “Sara” since this event.  Sara is believed to be the young girl who hung herself on the third floor. Since the 1960s there have been many sightings of various ghostly beings and reports of paranormal events in  the building.

Most of the poltergeist-like activity is attributed to a friendly ghost named Harry. However, there are other ghosts also thought to be spending their afterlife in the building. They include the Inn’s original owner, Squire Munro, and an unknown traveler who died in the building. Multiple reports from employees and patrons tell of a male figure dressed in a soldier uniform, and shadow figures in the basement.

Many of our patrons and bartenders have felt “touches”, “pokes”, and “cold” spots. It is not unusual to have a female patron complain of having her hair tugged on with no one around her.  You are also liable to have a glass fly off the bar without explanation. Pictures just might drop off the walls or an orb may show up in a photo you have taken here.

You can watch our video here when we visited Wayside Irish Pub.

Opportunities for visitors:

Sip on a favorite beverage, enjoy delicious pub fare, ask the friendly staff about their haunted history. Stay a while and have your own haunted experience. Professional paranormal investigations with management approval.

Days/times of operation:

Daily, 1PM to 2AM

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