The Hinsdale House

3830 McMahon Rd
Hinsdale, NY 14743


The Haunted house in Hinsdale, perhaps the most famous haunted house in New York State, has all the elements of a good ghost story, a mysterious history, straight sightings, unexplainable events and even a couple of exorcisms.

The house on McMahon Rd first gained notoriety when a book, “Echoes of a Haunting” was published in Sept 2000 by Clara Miller. Clara and Phil Dandy lived in the house along with their children in the early 1970’s and were visited by many spirits during their time there. The family was so haunted, that they called in Father Alphonsus from St Bonaventure University to perform an exorcism on the house, which worked for a short while, but as time went by the Dandy family lost the battle and ended up leaving the property.

In 2006 Discovery channel filmed an episode of A Haunting based in the events at the house. Forward to 2016, current owner of the house Daniel Klaes uses the house as a research facility for paranormal investigators. The spirits are still there and he has uncovered even more to the history of the house, including many events that have happened on the outside of the house on the property. Klaes even wrote a book, “Hinsdale House: An American Haunting” released in 2016. The house one again made it to national TV and was featured on Destination Americas Paranormal Lockdown in April 2016 and then again in October of 2016 on TLC for the Halloween special of Paranormal Lockdown.

Opportunities for visitors:

The Public, as well as Paranormal Investigation Teams are able to book a tour or investigation of the House, including overnight stays. At least once a month (more frequent gearing up to Halloween) there are public ghost hunts, sometimes including special guests of popular TV shows, mediums or other experts in the field. There are even public overnight stays. The House can be booked privately. All details to book a private tour or investigation, as well as a calendar of public events can be found on the website.

Days/times of operation:

Haunted Tours/Events scheduled once a month or by appointment.


$50 per person for paranormal investigations with a minimum of 6 people. $25 per person for a tour by request. $89 to participate in a monthly paranormal tour/overnight.

Handicap Accessible:


TV shows aired on:

Discovery Channel (2006) “A Haunting” episode.
Paranormal Lockdown Destinations America (Season 1, Episode 5):