Spook Rock Road

401 State Street
Hudson, NY 12534
(518) 828-3374 OR (800) 724-1846


In the eastern part of Greenport there is a street by the Claverack Creek called Spook Rock Road. Local legend has it that an Indian princess of great beauty ran off with her lover without her father’s blessing. In their flight the two youths paused to rest on a boulder in the creek. By breaking Indian tradition and religious laws they had greatly angered the tribe’s god, who upon seeing them at the rock caused a great flood which carried the lovers to their death. The boulder and the spirits of the lovers came to rest along the banks of the stream near Spook Rock Road. The young maiden’s spirit supposedly haunts the spot to this day. Formerly a popular swimming hole for neighborhood youth, some locals attest that at certain times of the year, a low moaning sound may be heard in the wind as it sweeps across the river from the Catskills. Supposedly, the spirit of the dead maiden remains to this day in constant search for her lost lover. Location:  Spook Rock Road – Hudson – NY – 12534 – located off County Route 23B – Town of Greenport – Columbia County (just outside the city of Hudson).

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On Spook Rock Road – on the creek side – there is a pull-off parking area (not paved) – visitors can then access the creek for wading, fishing, and hoping to hear or see American Indian spirits.

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