Spook Hill

Newell Road
Middlesex, NY 14507
(315) 536-3111

Follow Route 364 through Potter and Middlesex. Turn left onto South Vine Valley Road. Turn left onto Newell Road. Drive to the top of the big hill and when you get to the top you will descend a little bit. There will be a driveway on the right and then a sign for Spike Road on the left. Before Spike Road, and a little before the driveway on the right, you will want to stop and put your car in neutral. Sit and be spooked as your car rolls backward up the hill! (Hint – If it doesn’t work at first, your car may not be in the right spot. So either move forward or backward a bit. You will know when you have found it!)

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Find more about Spook Hill by calling the Chamber at (800) 868-9283!

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