Gelston Castle Estate

980 Robinson Road
Mohawk, NY 13407
(315) 235-9988


A 340-acre property situated high up NYS Route 28 with a spectacular scenic overview of the entire Mohawk Valley with the Adirondack Mountains in the background. It currently functions as a premier concert and event destination, presenting world-class music and exhibitions.

Both previous and current owners have experienced being awakened by their bedroom lights suddenly turned on around 3 a.m., with the room filling with extreme cold.  The current owner also reports what sounds like a chair moving out and then back again, then a few seconds pause, then it happens again. This has happened numerous times, and each time it lasts several minutes, or until he go upstairs to check it out.

There have also been reports of a light going on inside the Castle before it fell into itself, even though there has not been electricity in the structure for decades.

A property caretaker during the 1980s told of strange happenings. Many nights, the caretaker would wake up to the sound of a dog on the property growling or barking. He would find the dog backed into a corner, growling and barking at something in front of it; something that the dog saw, but not the caretaker. EVPs have been captured on-site and investigators have indicated an abundance of paranormal activity on the property.

It is the ONLY property in the entire U.S. with a cemetery that has relatives of three U.S. Presidents buried there. And then, there is “Aunt Harriet” who built the Castle, and haunts the property because it is where she wanted to be buried. However she was buried against her wishes in her hometown of New York City.

Read more of the estate history here.

Opportunities for visitors:

Investigations accepted by appointment with management approval. Small and large guided haunted history tours welcome by appointment. Special events held throughout the year.

Days/times of operation:

Appointments set based on available dates.


Please contact for pricing.

Handicap Accessible:

The property is mostly handicap accessible; but it is outdoors and terrain may hinder some.

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