Barkeater Chocolates

3235 State Route 28
North Creek, NY 12853


The building of Barkeater Chocolates, circa 1880, was home to one family for several generations beginning in 1947. It is rumored that one of the children died outside the home in a tragic accident and the mother disappeared shortly thereafter. Small town talk back in the day had people convinced that the mother was killed by the father and buried in the basement; however the mother – who had actually run away – eventually reappeared years later unharmed. It has been confirmed that the couple who owned the home passed away in two different rooms of the house.

Since 2013, when Barkeater Chocolates purchased the property, nearly every employee has experienced unexplained sounds. Most commonly, employees hear footsteps and banging sounds. In 2015, a construction crew working on the building claimed to hear footsteps and voices coming from the upstairs. They were shocked to find that no one was in the building.

Who is it that haunts the chocolate shop? Employees have named the ghost Miranda, and have learned that she likes the room to be hot. In fact, Miranda used to turn the thermostat up to 85 degrees – until they taped the thermostat dial to keep it from moving.


Opportunities for visitors:

Guided tours (from 6-25 people) are available by appointment; special events in the fall.


Days/times of operation:

7 days/week – check for specific hours including seasonal & holiday hours.

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