Photo of a “ghost boy” at Fort Ontario State Historic Site

One of the most frequent paranormal sightings or encounters at Fort Ontario State Historic Site (1000 Islands-Seaway region/Oswego County) is that of a ghostly boy who is seen and heard crying, laughing and playing around the fortress.

During a recent phone conversation with a staff person at Fort Ontario, I asked the question “have there been any paranormal happenings lately?” The response I received was “there was recently a picture taken of David, the ghost boy.” Within minutes I had the image in my email inbox. The story goes that an anonymous photographer was recently taking pictures of the Fort. A day later he contacted the Fort, gave them this photograph and told them to keep it. The photographer said he was brought up to “not believe in this type of stuff” and wanted nothing to do with image.

Pretty freaky, isn’t it?!?!?!


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