Hudson Valley is one weird place!

I say this in an affectionate manner…Hudson Valley is one weird place! There are a variety of haunts and strangeness on the Haunted History Trail of New York, with the beautiful Hudson Valley region being no exception. The trail is packed with your traditional ghost stories. However, if you take an inspection of the Hudson Valley  locations on the Haunted History Trail of New York State, you see there some weirdness happening: UFO have visited a town with high regularity, a magical castle made by hand, a freaky haunted house, filled with crazy items where you can host a party and so much more.

Pine Bush UFO Fair

Town of Pine Bush hosts a UFO Fair every month of May.

The Town of Pine Bush in Orange County is known as the “UFO Capitol of New York State.” With such a powerful title, you know something odd is going on here. There are strong reports of UFO activity in Pine Bush stemming back to the 1960’s.  In the 1980s, the place was buzzing with UFO reports and rumors. Pine Bush embraces its alien friends with an annual celebration in May, which includes a parade and other fun activities. During the UFO Fair, another Orange County trail location, Pine Bush House Bed & Breakfast conducts psychic readings on their front porch. There’s something strange and lovable about this town of 1,800 residents. You can understand why creatures from another planet would like to visit here.


Laurel Grove Cemetery

Port Jervis, NY has a compelling place called Laurel Grove Cemetery. It’s such an intriguing location that a local police official has gone on record discussing the paranormal experiences at this spooky place. An admission from a officer of the law about the paranormal is pretty rare – so this piques people’s curiosity about this cemetery.


Wing’s Castle

Dutchess County ramps up the weird factor with two wild places called Wing’s Castle and Miss Fanny’s Party House. Wing’s Castle in the Town of Millbrook was created by artists Peter and Toni Ann Wing and includes thousands of artifacts to make up this very creative building. The structure contains all the castle characteristics which you would expect: a moat, turrets and even a dungeon. The items that make up the house seem to attract strange occurrences, including pushing people into madness! It is truly one of the most unique structures in New York State. You can tour this fun building, or stay over night.


Miss Fanny’s Victorian Party House

Miss Fanny’s Party House is an 1850’s era farm house in the Town of Wappingers Falls that is filled with countless interesting (and ghoulish) objects, including coffins. The owner lived in the house only a few short months before hearing ghostly voices, children laughing, footsteps and seeing apparitions. Every inch of this house showcases the unique personality of the owner and the house. Visitors can experience this place via tours, ghost hunts and special events.

In Columbia County, a creepy location called Spook Rock Road adds to the mystique of the region. There are a few folklore stories that hover around this place that involved Native American lore, lost lovers and supernatural occurrences. Residents in this area hear moans of a suppose Indian princess across the rivers and valleys. There have been sightings of shadow figures and hearing screams in the woods. If you think you can handle all of this, jump in your car and head towards this strange locale.


Lots of folklore surrounding this quiet creek on Spook Rock Road.

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