Ghost Hunters TV show was here!

GH Rapids Theater

The Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls

On Wednesday night, the SyFy Channel will air the season premier of “Ghost Hunters” 10th season. The impact that “Ghost Hunters” had on the paranormal  world is staggering. The show has spawn or inspired numerous other paranormal TV shows. It inspired people to form ghost-hunting groups in communities across the country. The TV show also took an inquisitive and respectful look at paranormal activity for the whole world to see, which made it less taboo. Most importantly, the show has been entertaining and fun to watch with the lights off.

Ghost Hunters 2008

Iron Island Museum, Buffalo

In the show’s 10 years, the Ghost Hunters crew have visited New York State numerous times, with 12 of those episodes film at locations on the Haunted History Trail of New York State. Many of the episodes showed some pretty compelling evidence of possible haunting in the Empire State.  A pleasant benefit of a trail location being featured on national television was the instant publicity it produced. Owners of places on the trail reported phones ringing off the hook the day following their appearance on “Ghost Hunters.”

You can experience the same places explored by “Ghost Hunters” at 11 different locations on the trail. Here is the list in order of appearance:

2005 – Rolling Hills Asylum (Greater Niagara/Genesee County)

2008 – Iron Island Museum (Greater Niagara/Erie County)

2008 – The Winery at Marjim Manor (Greater Niagara/Niagara County)

Ghost Hunters Shanley

The Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY

2010 – Otesaga Hotel (Central NY/Otsego County)

2010 – Canfield Casino (Capital/Saratoga/Saratoga County)

2011 – Shanley Hotel (Catskills/Ulster County)

2011 – Old Fort Niagara (Greater Niagara/Niagara County)

2011 – The Rapids Theatre (Greater Niagara/Niagara County)

2012 – Fort Ontario (1,000 Islands – Seaway/Oswego County)

2013 – Sylvan Beach Amusement Park (Central NY/Oneida County)

2013 – Hyde Hall (Central NY/Otsego County)

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