Ghost Hunt/Tour of The Hinsdale House featuring Proof Paranormal

November 18, 2017 | 8:00pm

3830 McMahon Rd
Hinsdale, NY 14743


Join Para Expeditions’ for this overnight ghost hunt at the haunted Hinsdale House. Here is your opportunity to ghost hunt and stay the night at one of the most haunted locations in New York! Join us as we explore this haunted location and try and make contact with the other side. Get your limited tickets in advance for only $89 (additional at the door if available). The Hinsdale House is located at 3830 McMahon Rd, Hinsdale NY. Please bring a flashlight and wear appropriate clothing for ghost hunting this time of year. If you have your own ghost hunting gear bring it along (please limit it to hand held devices). Pizza, snacks and soft drinks are included and if you plan on staying the night please bring your own sleeping gear (air mattress, cot, sleeping bag, etc).
Due to the set amount of tickets for this event tickets are non refundable/non reschedulable
Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited at this location.
Anyone under the influence or otherwise disruptive to the event will be removed without refund.

Your experience will include*:
• Introductions and Q&A with your guides
• Opening protection ceremony
• Tour of the location documenting the history and paranormal activity
• Guided investigations with ghost hunting equipment available for your use
• Paranormal experiments to try and contact the other side
• Free time to explore and investigate on our own
• Evening recap and evidence review (time permitting)
• Sage cleansing ritual upon leaving (optional)

* – Activities may vary due to location/staff

Opportunities for visitors:

Enjoy a public overnight ghost tour and hunt at the Hinsdale House with Para Expeditions! Hear stories of the history of the house and grounds. Use their ghost hunting equipment or bring your own!

Days/times of operation:

11/18/2017 8:00pm-10:00am (11/19/17).  Limited number of tickets.


$89, Call 716-578-4586 or order online at

Handicap Accessible:


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